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"It was a pleasure working with Plantation Properties & Land Investments on the sale of my land and home in Evans County. My property was unique and its sale required a realtor with unique skills. I would happily recommend them to others."
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"In uncertain times, we were hesitant to invest. Plantations Properties took time to answer all our questions and we bought with confidence. We could not be happier."

Robin L.

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Vacant Land Georgia

Vacant Land Georgia

Georgia has been growing in popularity over the last few years. This region of the country offers residents a diverse range of things to do. The east coast has some of the most beautiful beaches, the northwest has mountains for skiing, and the center of the state is full of some of the most beautiful scenic country roads in the world. Whether you are looking to buy vacant land for investing or building, here are a few advantages to owning your own piece of Georgia land.

Vacant Land Georgia Low Pricing

One of the obvious benefits to buying vacant land is it will be significantly cheaper than purchasing developed land. Vacant land Georgia property owners never have to bother with repairs or maintenance of the undeveloped land. Vacant land without any structures will always be the lowest pricing land because even if it has a worthless run down home on it, you will eventually have to pay to demolish it.

Flexibility of Vacant Land

Once you own a piece of vacant land in Georgia, you have the ability to really build however you like within the limitations of the local building codes. If you invested to build your own home, you can place the house anywhere on the property you choose. Regardless if you would like a larger front or back yard, a vacant piece of land affords you the ability to create your dream house the way you prefer. Vacant land Georgia property owners who choose to build for commercial purpose can choose a single large building or several smaller ones for individual tenants to set up shop.

Lower Long Term Costs

When you purchase a piece of vacant land in Georgia, you can expect your mortgage to be significantly lower than that of owning a house. The insurance will be much less and your property taxes will be minimal. The cost of keeping vacant land for several years is much lower than the cost of property containing any types of structures. The only costs you might incur each year is in the case when the property is located in an area where it is required you perform maintenance to keep it up. Landscaping and trash removal would be the only costs you would carry to keep the property maintained each year.

Potential to Grow Your Investment

The value of a building on a property decreases with each year it gets older. This is simply due to the weather conditions, insect damage, and natural erosion. Vacant land Georgia property owners do not have to worry about any of those concerns. A vacant piece of land will track alongside the market and grow each year the market climbs. There is nothing on the property to depreciate, so as a long term investment the value improves year after year for as long as you hold onto it.

Significantly Grow Your Investment

Vacant land is one of the best investment opportunities for anyone looking to speculate on the market. One of the biggest benefits to owning vacant land is watching your land go from unwanted to highly desirable overnight. When a large development, such as a major golf course or automaker assembly facility, begin building near your vacant lot, your property value skyrockets. This results in incredibly high returns on your initial investment in a relatively short amount of time. Georgia is expanding each year, and you never know if your vacant lot might be sitting next door to the future home of a Walt Disney World type expansion. When the zoning of areas go from residential to commercial, your vacant land could also benefit from the jump in property value.

For more information on vacant land Georgia has for sale, contact Plantation Properties today at 912-764-LAND (5263).

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