“The major fortunes in America have been made in Land”
John D. Rockefeller

"In uncertain times, we were hesitant to invest. Plantations Properties took time to answer all our questions and we bought with confidence. We could not be happier."

John F.

“You never know what peace is until you walk the woods or in the fields or along a winding river… You find your soul then…”

“Real Estate cannot be lost or stolen. Nor can it be carried away. Managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt

"In uncertain times, we were hesitant to invest. Plantations Properties took time to answer all our questions and we bought with confidence. We could not be happier."

Robin L.

"It was a pleasure working with Plantation Properties & Land Investments on the sale of my land and home in Evans County. My property was unique and its sale required a realtor with unique skills. I would happily recommend them to others."
Neil J

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
Thomas Stearns Eliot


Timberland in Georgia

Invest In Timberland in Georgia


For almost two decades, Land and Rivers has been opening doors for land investors in the state of Georgia by finding properties that match their criteria to a “T.”. We continue to set the bar high by being a leader in the real estate industry. Land and Rivers specializes in land parcels such as plantations, farms, timber tracts, agricultural land, and large undeveloped acreage.


Our quality brokerage services throughout the South give you a flawless window to the perfect patch of land. Not only do we help clients build legacies, but we work with property investments of all types. Whether you are looking to develop land for resale or buying a tract of hunting land, our firm can assist you with finding the perfect parcel.


Every member of our firm understands the value of integrity and the importance of professionalism, principles which are are exhibited in every step of purchasing property. When you work with us, we treat you like family by showing you ways to realize the timberland in Georgia you’ve been dreaming of. We also understand how tedious it can be to purchase property, but our staff provides world-class service to show our desire and commitment to helping you achieve your long and short-term land investment goals.


Our firm has a passion for guiding clients through all types of property investments because we keep our eyes fixed on all types of rural Georgia land to find incomparable bargains on large parcels of land. We share a veneration for the outdoors that is coupled with a deep knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of the South and our experts understand how land markets can fluctuate and affect interest rates and overall cost or profit margins. At our firm, we take a deep sense of pride in ensuring our clients find the finest properties.


Our specialists are committed to finding the right type of property for investors or farmers that need more wide open spaces to grow crops, plant trees, or raise livestock. Many of the old plantations of the South are ready for production of timber and timber products, as well as agricultural uses.


“Georgia has 9.6 million acres of land devoted to farms, with an average farm size of 228 acres. In 2012 Georgia's farmers sold more than $9.2 billion worth of agricultural products. Of the more than 42,000 individual Georgia farms in production in 2012, more than 17,000 raised beef or dairy cows, while 2,600 farms grew cotton.”*


Desireable merchantable timber-covered land is abundant in Georgia, makes for excellent hunting or other outdoor pursuits in addition to harvesting lumber. Many of our properties have structures that can serve as barns, storage sheds, cabins or homes. Open or moving water features are common among our offerings as Georgia is not usually drought-prone.


The state of Georgia and the Federal government provide a wide array of incentive programs for those looking to manage a working forest. These incentives include cost sharing, annual financial or one-time disbursements, and/or easements that serve to defray the upfront cost of long term timberland in Georgia investments. Some of the programs available to Georgia timberland owners are:


  • Southern Pine Beetle Cost Share Program

  • Conservation Reserve Program

  • Conservation Stewardship Program

  • Emergency Forest Restoration program

  • Environmental Quality Incentive

  • Healthy Forests Reserve

  • Partners for Fish and Wildlife

  • Wildlife Incentive for Nongame and Game Species


These programs make is eminently possible to invest in land that the investor would like to keep wild, or compromised land that need repair or management back to a wild state. Assistance takes the form of cash grants, assistance toward the costs of meeting the requirements of the program, annual payments, or per-acre payments.


Our firm also understands that individual needs and interests vary with every client. Some clients want to create a legacy for their family through a profitable investment, some wish to preserve land for sustainable use, while others simply wish to have a quiet retreat. No matter what your goals are, our team can find exactly what you’re looking for.


When you have your own acreage, you can take a break from the daily hustle and bustle by taking a hike or horseback ride through a forest of oak, red maple and pine trees and wild native grasses. You can carve out your place in exquisite landscape The peace and quiet solitude that the south has to offer gives a new meaning to the word ‘tranquility.’


We can find you the picture perfect place to stake your claim and start investment. Make an appointment with a member of our firm so we can show you every tract of land that meets your criteria in the beautiful state of Georgia.

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