"In uncertain times, we were hesitant to invest. Plantations Properties took time to answer all our questions and we bought with confidence. We could not be happier."

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"In uncertain times, we were hesitant to invest. Plantations Properties took time to answer all our questions and we bought with confidence. We could not be happier."

John F.

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Hunting Land in Georgia

The state of Georgia has a proud legacy of providing opportunities for sportsmen regardless of economic station. The availability of and access to public hunting land and wildlife management areas (WMA) allows almost anyone to pursue their outdoor hobbies and to enjoy time afield every year, as one generation passes on the tradition to the next. Still, there are definite advantages to hunting private land, especially when you own it. For one thing, hunting pressure is lessened, allowing hunters more opportunities for fair chase and optimal shooting. Furthermore, owning the land allows for greater familiarity with the terrain; less time spent scouting and researching means more time to actually seek game. As long as you hunt in season and respect the bag limits, you are free from WMA regulations on private property.


How to find the perfect (or at least preferable) property? This strategy depends on numerous factors. For example, what game is desired? Are there sufficient numbers to make a purchase worthwhile? Prospective owners also do well to look at how easy the land is to access, especially relative to the asking price. In addition, the soil quality is a good determinant of the land’s long- or short-term future as an abundant hunting site. Yet these general rules of thumb may not be sufficient for finding the optimal hunting grounds. In a market where land continues to appreciate in value, there is no substitute for expertise.


Our hunting land in Georgia land experts know how to match hunters with prime hunting real estate. Deer hunters, for instance, do well to seek parcels that contain multiple habitats since whitetails are known to follow the edge lines of habitats. Red oak and white oak trees (most hardwoods, in fact) provide nourishing foliage for energy and fat storage, thus making them magnets for does and bucks. Land suitable for orchard trees are self-evidently desirable. Our agents are knowledgeable with regard to deer migration patterns and behavioral tendencies, as well as the adequacy of hundreds of Georgia parcels for successful hunts.


If water-fowling is the sport of choice, the challenges of Georgia are offset by the freedom enjoyed on private land. The Peach State isn’t known for its large population of ducks; the populations are not dense here. However, on private property hunters have elbow room and do not have to share the sky with so many others as public lands dictate. Whether going for wood ducks,mallards or canvasbacks, a hunter stands a better chance when unhindered by the WMA quota system. Our agents know the best haunts to set up a blind and bag the fowl.


Whether bear, upland birds or small game, hunting quarry populations require specific topography to live and to thrive. As land brokers, we pride ourselves on a thorough understanding of landscapes and ecosystems. In fact, our agents are owners of a passion for the outdoors and for undeveloped environments. This means that we can thoroughly evaluate the promise of each property from a hunter’s perspective and not simply from a realtor’s ambition. With locations throughout the southeastern United States, we can access a wide pool of knowledgeable personnel when locating hunting land in Georgia.


Founded in 2004, our company’s talents extend to farmland, forests, pastures, prime fishing spots, empty lots and an array of other investment properties. Georgia has no shortage of such parcels. Our goal is to satisfy the aims of our clients while maintaining our own high standards of professionalism, honesty and integrity. Not only are these our bedrock values, they are supremely practical because we prize repeat business as well as referrals.

Without a solid, well-deserved reputation for excellence and ethics, no brokerage automatically deserves its clients. The good news is that our experts have earned this reputation, purchase by purchase, sale by sale. Bringing to the task an exhaustive knowledge of landscapes as well as the perspective of experienced hunters, our firm brings years of record of success to the task of finding hunting land in Georgia.

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