"It was a pleasure working with Plantation Properties & Land Investments on the sale of my land and home in Evans County. My property was unique and its sale required a realtor with unique skills. I would happily recommend them to others."
Neil J

"In uncertain times, we were hesitant to invest. Plantations Properties took time to answer all our questions and we bought with confidence. We could not be happier."

John F.

“You never know what peace is until you walk the woods or in the fields or along a winding river… You find your soul then…”

“The major fortunes in America have been made in Land”
John D. Rockefeller

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
Thomas Stearns Eliot

“Real Estate cannot be lost or stolen. Nor can it be carried away. Managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt

"In uncertain times, we were hesitant to invest. Plantations Properties took time to answer all our questions and we bought with confidence. We could not be happier."

Robin L.


Georgia Land for Sale

Serving Outdoor Enthusiasts

Does the idea of purchasing land for recreational purposes hold any appeal? Many property buyers-as-investors collect portfolios of well-situated tracts of land. Some purchasers enjoy outdoor activities during their ownership and then use investment land to provide an excellent asset for generating retirement funds. The lovely State of Georgia offers many opportunities for exercising this classic real estate investment strategy.

Our firm offers knowledgeable, high quality real estate brokerage services throughout the South. We take pride in maintaining keen insight into the Georgia land for sale market.

Founded in 2004, we have a history of serving clients by seeking properties in rural areas for retirement, hunting, fishing, equestrian activities, camping, farming and other outdoor pursuits. Although we specialize in transactions involving undeveloped land, we can broker land investments of all types. Contact us whenever you seek to buy, sell, lease or exchange tracts of land in the Peach State or throughout the South!

Our Commitment to Our Clients

Why do our clients select us in preference to other firms? We strive to furnish excellent customer service. Our great reputation benefits from several underlying strengths:

We emphasize integrity and sound real estate investment principles;

Our staff maintains a deep love for the outdoors;

While we focus on Georgia land for sale, we do possess contacts in the real estate industry throughout the South;

Draw upon our extensive experience in locating parcels from plantations, farms, undeveloped areas, timber tracts, and more!

When you seek the assistance of a company familiar with local market conditions in Georgia, contact us! We honor our customers and value their goals. In the past, we have assisted clients in obtaining many different types of land. Some varieties of real properties include:

Outdoor Recreational Tracts: We help clients locate outdoor recreational tracts of many types. Acreage for camping, hiking, boating and other forms of interaction with the natural world interests property purchasers who seek locations for fun outdoor activities.

Farmland: Clients who seek to cultivate orchards, timber stands and other types of agricultural products frequently require assistance in locating suitable farm tracts. We possess expertise in specialized, complex transactions involving rural properties.

Undeveloped Acreage: Institutional investors and others interested in acquiring undeveloped acreage for property portfolios also invest in tracts of land in Georgia. These transactions may involve a high degree of complexity. We can furnish the sophisticated expertise required to assist land trusts, insurance companies, and others engaging in transactions involving raw land.

Hobby Properties: In some locations, hobbyists must obtain properties with specific types of terrain, mineral rights or zoning in order to pursue favorite outdoor activities. Many specialized tracts exist. For instance, raw land with exposed cliffs may provide the perfect venue for conducting rock climbing classes. People engaging in equestrian activities generally require terrains away from swampy, mosquito-infested areas. Spelunkers and rock collectors also maintain unique land requirements.

Georgia Land for Sale: An Attractive Location

Consider the advantages of making the State of Georgia an important focus in a real estate investment portfolio. The Sun Belt has appealed to retirees for decades, and land in Georgia may prove to be just as desirable as areas like Florida or Arizona, but for a much lower cost.

With generally milder winters than more northerly locales, Georgia today offers a vibrant location for recreation. This state boasts a wide variety of different types of land. Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy a myriad of activities here. The state's growing population and expanding commercial infrastructure facilitate double digit real estate appreciation in some places.

Individuals and institutions developing property portfolios should understand the importance of drawing upon experts familiar with local market conditions. Even within a rapidly developing area, some tracts may not prove suitable for realizing real estate investment goals. Certain local markets within a state or region offer better opportunities than others for focusing on successful real estate land investments.

As they expand a land investment program, astute land purchasers rely upon resources that enable them to gain insight into the pros and cons associated with available properties. Our customers count on us to furnish them with diligent assistance and the benefits of our extensive experience in Georgia land for sale.

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Contact us today to obtain experienced, knowledgeable land brokerage services. We offer our clients our insight into local real estate marketplace conditions in beautiful Georgia!

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