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"In uncertain times, we were hesitant to invest. Plantations Properties took time to answer all our questions and we bought with confidence. We could not be happier."

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Equestrian Properties Georgia

Equestrian Properties Georgia

Considering what equestrian properties Georgia offers? We're glad you stopped by. Not only can we tell you about the properties, but we would like the chance to tell you about the state as well. Here at Plantation Properties, we think Georgia is an awesome place to live.

The Equestrian Lifestyle in Georgia

While Atlanta appeals to both domestic and international companies, the rest of the state provides a haven for horse lovers everywhere. Vast stretches of land lay open and available for those wanting one of the equestrian properties Georgia already has available OR those interested in transforming a patch of land into their own equestrian paradise. And a home only begins the adventures. The state of Georgia loves the equestrian lifestyle. The Georgia State Parks service has developed over 100 miles of horseback trails which are maintained by the Department of Natural Resources. In addition, several of the state parks offer opportunities to camp with attached facilities for horses. Add in private facilities and resources and there are wonderful opportunities to enjoy and experience the state with your favorite steed.

Investing in Equestrian Properties Georgia

Of course, any real estate purchase must consider the prospects of appreciation and resale value, and both criteria give a glowing recommendation to the Peach State. According to the Georgia Governor's Office of Planning and Budget, in a 2013 report on Statistics, Trends, Facts & Figures for Key Policy Issues, Georgia was ranked in the top 5 for several criteria used in the Camelot Index. This index measures such things as state's economic vitality, health, education, crime and government and compares the measurements to compile a comparison of the states. In 2003, Georgia ranked 19th and today is in the top 5! This is only one in a long line of positive indicators which have drawn businesses and people to the state for the last several decades. Taken together, real estate in Georgia seems like a fairly good investment.

The Southern Community

The southern community and culture appeals to a variety of people, but particularly lends itself to those who are interested in classic ways of living. The further from Atlanta a person travels, the further back to simpler times and choices one seems to go. Farmer's Markets, hunting, fishing, civil war re-enactments, shrimp fries and deep sea fishing from coastal Georgia, highland festivals and cabins in the North Georgia mountains, and the list goes on and on. The state of Georgia features a vast array of entertainments and pleasures within a few hours drive of almost anywhere in the state.

Raising Your Family in Georgia

Are kids part of your equation? Great! Georgia is ready for them. The state has numerous nationally rated school systems and one of the few Cyber Academies available to all residents for those who want to teach their kids at home. When school is out, the state offers numerous attractions and entertainment options include Six Flags, the Atlanta Aquarium, the Atlanta zoo in the Atlanta area and numerous state parks, Wild Adventures, and a host of trails to hike and experience in other parts of the state. And let's not forget Lake Sidney Lanier (known locally just as "Lake Lanier") which consists of 38,000 acres of water and is one of several lakes where water sports and summer fun can be enjoyed. The equestrian properties Georgia offers may be a dream come true for a permanent home, but they can also make great vacation homes. Whichever way fits, Plantation Properties would love to invite you to come on down, pull up a chair, and pick a nice cold cup of sweat tea or lemonade. Sit a spell and enjoy a taste of southern hospitality. We look forward to seeing y'all! For more information on equestrian properties Georgia offers for sale, contact Plantation Properties today at 912-764-LAND (5263).

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