“Real Estate cannot be lost or stolen. Nor can it be carried away. Managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt

“You never know what peace is until you walk the woods or in the fields or along a winding river… You find your soul then…”

"In uncertain times, we were hesitant to invest. Plantations Properties took time to answer all our questions and we bought with confidence. We could not be happier."

John F.

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
Thomas Stearns Eliot

"In uncertain times, we were hesitant to invest. Plantations Properties took time to answer all our questions and we bought with confidence. We could not be happier."

Robin L.

"It was a pleasure working with Plantation Properties & Land Investments on the sale of my land and home in Evans County. My property was unique and its sale required a realtor with unique skills. I would happily recommend them to others."
Neil J

“The major fortunes in America have been made in Land”
John D. Rockefeller


Effingham County Georgia Land for Sale

For well over a decade we've offered some of the most outstanding rural properties in Georgia to our the land-buying public. Whether you seek recreational land for outdoor fun, or a stately plantation nestled among the pines of our beautiful Southern countryside, contact us! We draw upon our experience and expertise in the real estate industry to assist our clients. Let us help conduct your search for Effingham County land for sale.

Our firm's brokerage services usually focus on rural areas of the Peach State, yet our search and marketing abilities extend throughout the South. Use our service to assist you in buying, selling, leasing or exchanging real estate. We specialize in handling land parcels and undeveloped tracts, but also broker transactions involving investments in all types of properties.


Serving Clients

Effingham County Georgia Land for Sale


We assist clients with transactions involving both recreational and investment properties. Our firm emphasizes these important qualities:


  • Integrity

  • Professionalism

  • Sound Real Estate Investment Principles

  • A Deep Knowledge of Georgia Real Estate Markets

  • Loyally Upholding the Interests of Our Clients

  • Love for the Outdoors


The state of Georgia is trending up in its ability to attract numerous investors. We seek to serve every client by providing experienced, capable brokerage services of the highest quality.


Beautiful Effingham County Land for Sale


Located on the northern outskirts of historic Savannah, Georgia and bordering South Carolina, lovely Effingham County enjoys a rich, vibrant historically rural tradition. Although agriculture still plays an important role in the local economy, during recent years the area has witnessed significant growth. The county seat, Springfield, lies just 25 miles northwest of the expanding metropolis of Savannah. Effingham County today supports a population of about 55,000.


Residents enjoy a relaxed lifestyle and a generally warm, sunny climate. The outstanding scenery and proximity to cultural centers make this area very popular as a retirement haven. The attractive land values in the region excite the interest of many avid outdoor enthusiasts, too. With lovely natural settings, this part of the South appeals to investors seeking a wide variety of land acquisitions. Let us assist you in obtaining brokerage services for real property in Effingham County and its environs.


Types of Real Estate


If you are in search of specific types of real estate, obtaining the assistance of a knowledgeable real estate professional usually proves very helpful. Our clients value us for the expert help we provide in locating and handling property transactions involving many different types of land, such as:



Today, the process of purchasing or selling agricultural tracts in Effingham County and other locations involves considerable complexity. Let us guide you through the process! Call on our brokerage services to help you secure outstanding Effingham County land for sale..


Recreational Property

Effingham County, Georgia provides a wonderful venue for many types of fun outdoor activities. Hunting, fishing, boating, biking, hiking, camping and equestrian activities occupy the leisure hours of many residents. We'll help you discover your ideal vacation acreage!



Have you admired historic Southern architecture? With a rich history, this area appeals to people with an interest in the past. From film production companies to historical re-enactment enthusiasts, real estate clients today often require assistance in locating specific architectural venues. Let us help you find a temporary location for a project, or a plantation or hobby farm tract in Effingham County. Some investors specialize in historic preservation projects, and we can provide assistance in this area, also.


Timber Tracts

George forests attract outdoor enthusiasts and conservationists. Discover beautiful wooded tracts in Effingham County for enjoyment and investment purposes. Let the beauty of Southeastern Georgia enrich your life.


Land For Institutional Investors


This rapidly growing region holds great appeal for many institutional investors. When you require qualified brokerage services capable of handling sophisticated property transactions, consider retaining our firm. We'll help locate properties meeting your specifications to augment an investment portfolio.

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